Austin Pagan Pride Day
Sat. Sept. 30, 2023 at
Gustavo Garcia Park

Our mission is to foster pride in Pagan identity

and help reduce the prejudice and discrimination against paganism, heathenry, witchcraft, polytheism, and related spiritual beliefs through education, activism, charity, and community.

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Join us in fostering community, education, and pride in our Pagan identity. Show up, be seen, and be the representation other Pagans like you need.

2022 Food Bank donations

Last year, our community generously donated $176! Every $1 given was matched and provided 8 meals.

We at Austin Pagan Pride and those benefitting from the Central Texas Food Bank, thank you with all our hearts!

Austin Pagan Pride Day
Saturday, September 30, 2023

Be Pagan Proud

Join us in fostering community, education, and pride in our Pagan identity. Show up, be seen, and be the representation other Pagans like you need.

Serendipity Salado Teas & Fine Foods

A local crystal & metaphysical shop near the corner of East Parmer Lane and Dessau Road

Order of the Crows

The Order of the Crows is a polytheistic priesthood dedicated to the Morrígan. We are dedicated to guarding and protecting the sovereignty of all people, and to providing healing, solace, inspiration, and education to our community. 

Austin Witchfest

One of the largest gatherings of Witches and witch-friendly folk in the United States. 

Earth Spirit People

Earth Spirit People of Texas is a 501(3)(c) religious organization that runs festivals in Red Rock, Texas

Pagans & Heathens of Austin

Monthly meetups for local practitioners and seekers alike.

HearthStone Grove, ADF

Irish and Indo-European Polytheist Grove of Ar nDraiocht Fein. We honor the folk underhill, our ancestors, and the Tribe of Gods. Learn more about us or join us today!

Austin Pagan – Resource Guide

A Local Pagan Resource Guide, by the community, for the community. Community calendar, spiritual groups, online communities, reading & podcast lists, pagan run business directory, and more! Join our Facebook community here.

2022 Sponsors

With the support from our sponsors, we’re grateful to hold an annual Pagan Pride Day festival, and assist our local food banks and other such charities.

We have sponsorship tiers from $5 – $200+.

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Covid Protocols

This protocol is subject to change before the 2022 event.

Travis County is currently LOW for risk of COVID-19 transmission according to local health authorities.

Even so, we strongly encourage our unvaccinated and/or high-risk guests to use proper masking precautions while inside the bar and dining areas or crowded outdoor areas while attending Pagan Pride Day at the Vortex.

For the most up-to-date status and information, please visit